The TimesURL Extension the first official attempt at a URL Shorten Plugin and I’ve had great fun in the process, along with some nasty headaches as well.

The add-on allows you to shorten and share a website directly from your browser. Simply click the TimesURL icon and the add-on will automatically shorten the URL for you and present you with the short version that you can share with your friends via email, post to Facebook or bookmark on Muti.

This extension has been tested to work on FireFox as well as the latest Beta version 3.0b4. It’s really simple to install and it’s a great addition for those of you that use Twitter or just want to share links with other people. We’re working really hard at turning TimesURL (pronounced times-earl) into a destination to share information rather than just to shorten links and there is a lot under development to create this enhanced sharing experience.

If you haven’t used TimesURL before then what better time to start using the service with an easy to use FireFox add-on?